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Frequently Asked Questions

When will news stories show up on my website? How often do you update?

We publish the RSS feed Monday through Friday, at 4:30 A.M.

What kind of news do you have?

We have multiple format specific feeds including: Country, Rock, CHR, Urban, AC, Classic Rock and Classic Hits. We also publish a full Entertainment feed that includes Gossip and Industry news.

Can I choose a custom name for my feed?

Yes. When you log in and land at the 'Customize Your Widget' page, you will be able to create a custom Title for the news feed. For example, you could name it: "Froggy Music News", "Eva's Entertainment News", etc. We encourage you to take advantage of this feature and create a name that goes hand-in-hand with your on-air entertainment report, station positioning, talent names, etc.

How do I put this on my website?

If you are logged in with a Trial account, you will not be able to embed the news feed on your website. To upgrade your account, contact us here.

If you are a current subscriber, make sure you've got your username and password from your Affiliate Relations representative. (If you have lost this information, click HERE to retrieve your password.) Sign in to www.pulsewebcontent.com and choose your format. Choose your settings, click "Get Code" and paste the code onto your website!

What if I want my home page to just have headlines, which the user can click on to go to a page with the full stories?

Make two widgets! First set up a web page on your site where the full stories will go. Create a widget which has the "Headlines Only" setting set to "Off" (or just use one of our default themes). Put this first widget on the new page of your site, somewhere in between the <BODY> tag and the </BODY> tag of the page. Now copy the URL of this page on your site – we'll need it for the second widget.

Now go back to the Customize Your Widget page, and choose Custom Settings from the drop-down menu. Set the option called "Headlines Only" to "On." Then in the field that says headline link, paste in the URL of the page on your site where you put the first widget. You should see that the preview on the right side of the page only shows the headlines. Now click "Get Code" to get the code, and paste it on your home page!

I'm still confused about how to proceed, can you really break it down for me?

Once you are logged in to PulseWebContent.com, you will arrive at the "Customize Your Widget" page. Here you can decide how you would like the news stories to appear on your website.

For preview purposes, we allow you to manipulate the background color so that you can see what the widget may look like on your website's background color. If you are uninterested in customizing your widget, you may choose one of our suggested themes: Light or Dark (the image you see to the right was created with the Dark theme). The Dark Theme is generally recommended for sites which have a lighter background; the Light Theme is generally recommended for sites which have a darker background.

Select the theme you like and click "Get Code." You can copy this code and paste it on the page of your choice on your website, somewhere in between the <BODY> tag and the </BODY> tag of the page.

For further assistance please contact us HERE.

Why do you restrict the minimum width of the 'Song Anatomy' widget?

To ensure that you do not end up with an unsightly widget, we do not allow a width that is less than 380 pixels.

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