Disturbed allowed dancers Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd to use the band's version of Simon & Garfunkel's "The Sound Of Silence" as the music for their freestyle dance on Monday night's (May 23rd) edition of Dancing With The Stars. The pair used the track after DiMarco, who is deaf, penned a letter to the band asking their permission to incorporate the song into the routine.

The band explained in a Facebook post, "Nyle emailed us to ask for our permission to use our version of the song that has inspired him and hopes to convey an even bigger message to help people better understand the history of the deaf community . . . This is not only a great honor for a hard rock/metal band like us to be asked to be part of the biggest night of their show but for us to play a role in raising awareness for Nyle's cause."

  • "The Sound Of Silence" has been a huge hit for Disturbed, with Paul Simon sharing his approval of it publicly after watching the band perform the song on Conan and also exchanging emails with singer David Draiman.
  • Draiman told us that he still cannot believe the response the band got from Simon: "You always hope and you pray, when you do something like this, that the original artist loves what you've done and embraces it. But I had no idea that something this amazing was gonna happen, and humbled and grateful beyond words." in Fort Wayne, Indiana and hit festivals in Pryor, Oklahoma and San Antonio, Texas this weekend before heading to Europe. Following that, the band will begin a co-headlining jaunt with Breaking Benjamin on July 9th in Syracuse, New York.
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Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett appeared on KROQ in Los Angeles on Monday morning (May 23rd), where he discussed the band's current hiatus. According to Alternative Nation, Shiflett said the band is enjoying the time off, explaining, "It’s pretty great man. We were working really hard for a long time. We were on the road for at least a year or so for the last one, but then we were also traveling when we made the record, so that kind of felt like we were on the road, so it felt like a year and a half or so. Then before that there were shows we did for Dave’s movie, then the album before that, so it seemed like it was just a long stretch of back to back stuff."

  • Shiflett added, "This is like nothing on the calendar, you’re just kicking it for the summer. It’s very strange, and super unusual for us, we don’t tend to do that."
  • The guitarist also said he felt "weird" for the first couple of months, revealing that it's often around January that he hears from frontman Dave Grohl about making the next record. Shiflett said, "Dave usually sends out an e-mail or a text or something: ‘Hey, I’ve got some songs, let’s go.’ But usually we don’t have this amount of time off."
  • Foo Fighters bassist Nate Mendel told us a while back how the band's songwriting process works: "It's really been pretty consistent over the years. Dave writes the songs, and about half the time he'll do a demo on his own, and the other half of the time he'll come in and just play it on guitar. Then (he) shows it to the band and then we sit around and play it and figure out, you know, what kind of song is it gonna be. Is it a country song? Metal song? You know, what the dynamic is, arrangement, tempo, that kind of stuff. We help him finish it out."
  • Shiflett insisted that the band "shall return," but admitted, "I just don’t know when, but it will happen."
  • Foo Fighters finished an intense, nearly three-year period of activity at the end of 2015, which included the release and promotion of the Grohl-directed Sound City documentary, the filming and recording of the Sonic Highways HBO series and album, and the year-long world tour in support of the latter -- with Grohl nursing a broken leg for the second half of 2015.
  • The Foos cut the fall European leg of the tour short after last November's terrorist attacks in France, but managed to issue an EP of five new songs, titled Saint Cecilia, that was dedicated to the victims of the Paris attacks. Grohl revealed at the time that the Foos would go on hiatus.
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Ozzy Osbourne's daughter Kelly took to Twitter Monday night (May 23rd) to post an angry message directed at the celebrity hairstylist whose alleged affair with Ozzy is rumored to have led to her parents splitting after 33 years of marriage. The 31-year-old Kelly wrote: "Anyone looking for cheap chunky LOW-light and blow out and a blowjob call . . . " along with listing a phone number that has since been disconnected.

  • One Twitter user told Kelly to "hate your father not the woman . . . HE did this 2 ur family . . . again," to which Kelly responded, "Are you in my family? NO YOU ARE NOT YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SHE DID! So keep ur high-mighty opinions to yourself!"
  • After another user told Kelly that "it takes 2 to tango -- both guilty. She knew he was married," Kelly fired back, "My father is almost 70 ever heard of elder abuse?"
  • Sharon Osbourne commented on Kelly's tweet during her a conversation on the Tuesday morning edition of her show The Talk, saying, "Kelly has the best sense of humor ever . . . She loves her mom and loves her dad so much and listen, I'm always proud of my girl. What are you going to do? Be angry with her because she loves her mom and dad and she wants us to be together?"
  • Sharon reportedly kicked Ozzy out of their home after discovering evidence of the affair -- and possibly others -- earlier this month, although he has since returned and she has reportedly moved elsewhere.
  • Ozzy has since allegedly cut off all ties with the woman, with a source telling the New York Post, "His family really is very important to him and he's come to his senses. Sharon is Ozzy's whole life; he can't manage without her."
  • Sharon has not made a decision yet on whether she will seek a divorce or reconciliation with her husband, even as she continues to manage his career.
  • Ozzy is continuing a year-long farewell tour with Black Sabbath and announced plans two weeks ago for Sabbath and Slipknot to headline a combined festival, Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, this September in San Bernardino, California.
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Axl Rose is apparently getting some pointers on how to dress onstage from the AC/DC camp while he's on tour with them. A Guns N' Roses fan named Lumikki who posts at MyGNR wrote online that she recently met AC/DC guitarist Angus Young and his wife Ellen in Vienna, Austria, with the Young revealing that they'd given Axl some tips about what he's wearing onstage these days.

According to Lumikki, Ellen Young said that she told Axl's assistant -- possibly referring to his manager Beta -- to tell the singer to lose the hats and sunglasses he wore at the start of AC/DC's current European trek, explaining that audience members want to see the eyes and face of the person performing for them.

  • Ellen Young also remarked that Axl was "very sweet" and "nothing but a pleasure to work with so far," adding that he was "very funny" and "brought a lot of fun into the band again."
  • Ellen also revealed that Axl had come to the band well-prepared and sang the songs exactly how they were on the albums.
  • Rose took over on lead vocals for AC/DC after singer Brian Johnson was forced off the road by the possibility of total hearing loss. Rose is slated for now to play AC/DC's current run of European shows as well as ten postponed North American gigs.
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The Killers have announced that bassist Mark Stoermer is taking an indefinite hiatus from touring with the band, according to Alternative Nation. A statement posted online by the Las Vegas group explained, "Mark has decided to take a break from The Killers touring -- but don’t be surprised if you see him on stage from time to time. Everyone supports Mark’s decision to take a break to pursue other educational goals and releasing a solo album. The four of us continue to work on our fifth studio album together, and we’re all excited about the new songs we’re writing. More to come…"

  • Stoermer did not show up for several shows near the end of the touring cycle for the Killers’ most recent album, 2012’s Battle Born, leading to tension with frontman Brandon Flowers.
  • At the time, Flowers told Gigwise about his missing bandmate, "I hear different stories all the time. tired . . . something physical, something mental. I can't force him to come here. But it's fine we are getting through."
  • The band is currently in the studio working on its fifth studio album, tentatively set for a 2017 release.
  • Flowers discussed the new record in an interview with NME last year, saying, "You get a lot of bands that don’t do great things later on, and so hopefully because I’m aware of that we can really do something better and something great this time."
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The lawyer for Robert Plant and Jimmy Page in the alleged "Stairway To Heaven" copyright case is snapping back at the plaintiff's legal team. Page and Plant are defending themselves in a U.S. Federal court jury trial after being sued by Michael Skidmore, the trustee of the Randy Craig Wolfe Trust, on behalf of the late Spirit guitarist who wrote "Taurus" and performed under the name Randy California. The trust is hoping to not only win a monetary judgment, but also secure a writing credit for California on "Stairway To Heaven," which the trust claims Page and Plant lifted key portions of for "Stairway To Heaven."

Billboard reported that the Zeppelin member's attorney stated in an opposition brief filed on Tuesday (May 24th): "Plaintiff's motion is a PR stunt in the hope of tainting the jury pool. Despite being told that Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones fully intend to appear at the trial, plaintiff’s counsel misrepresented to the Court at the April 25, 2016 Pretrial Conference that Messrs. Page, Plant and Jones 'are refusing to appear in this court in the claims against them,' and plaintiff’s counsel repeated that misrepresentation to news cameras on the Courthouse steps, causing a flurry of press reports repeating plaintiff’s false accusation. When those reports died down, plaintiff triggered renewed reports of his misrepresentation by now filing a belated motion that is so devoid of merit it can only be seen as playing to the press."

  • Both Page and Plant have already sat for individual depositions in their defense and have never stated that they will not attend and participate in the ongoing trial.
  • Last month, posted that for a one dollar payment, the song's writers -- Page and Plant -- could bypass a high profile and possibly very damaging lawsuit, reporting, "Robert Plant and Jimmy Page would have to give dead rocker Randy California a writing credit on. . . 'Stairway To Heaven.' And that's probably worth a lot more than a buck. Such an agreement by Page and Plant, the band's guitarist and singer, respectively, would head off a much anticipated copyright infringement trial."
  • The performance and publishing worth of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven" is estimated to be over $560 million.
  • Jimmy Page told us that any artist needs to keep evolving in order to leave behind a true body of work: "I think you get measured up by, y'know, what you do, what you produce as far as your music goes, 'cause that's how you're gonna be measured up. And I guess that's what I'm gonna be, y'know, what I have to do, is to make that sort of statement. For me, it's almost like the same picture with a different frame."
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