Metallica frontman James Hetfield has narrated a new documentary which takes a look at the impact pornography addiction is having on the individual and on cultures around the world. The film, titled Addicted To Porn: Chasing The Cardboard Butterfly, chronicles the impact of porn on societies around the globe, from how it affects the brain of the individual, to how modern technology leads to greater exposure to youth, to watching it tear a family apart.

Addicted To Porn is the fifth feature-length film from writer and director Justin Hunt, who interviewed Hetfield for his documentary Absent. That film explored the worldwide crisis of absent and disengaged fathers and the negative impact that the "father wound" makes on society.

  • Addicted To Porn begins with a brief history of sexuality in human beings and analyzes how it affects the human brain, while also discussing how "modern technology, coupled with a lack of public education, is exposing youth to a level of sexuality that they're not prepared for."
  • A statement issued about the movie added, "This film is an authentic undertaking aimed at exposing people to the dangers of porn and the cycle of shame that can keep people addicted for a lifetime."
  • Addicted To Porn: Chasing The Cardboard Butterfly will be released in April via VOD.
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Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s youngest son, who performs under the name Jakob Danger, has premiered new songs on Soundcloud. The tracks are the first new music released by Danger since he issued his debut EP in late 2015 through indie label Burger Records. Danger -- which is actually his middle name -- released those first tunes when he was just 16 years old.

Danger's older brother, 22-year-old Joey Armstrong, plays drums in a band called SWMRS that was formerly known as Emily's Army. Their father told us that he's proud of both sons: "Yeah, they're in great bands. They're really good. I'm a fan. I wouldn't be answering this question if I thought they sucked. They're really good bands -- super creative and totally rockin' and they're different. And they love music more than anything else."

  • Billie Joe himself is a film and theater actor in addition to being the frontman of Green Day.
  • He and his sons performed together at a recent charity gig benefiting victims of the tragic Ghost Ship fire in Oakland, California. SWMRS and Danger were both on the bill while Billie Joe made a surprise appearance to perform some Green Day deep cuts and Pinhead Gunpowder songs.
  • Green Day released a politically charged music video earlier this week for the song "Troubled Times," off the band's recently released album Revolution Radio.
  • The trio recently added 24 North American dates in August and September to its tour schedule. Its first swing through the U.S. and Canada takes place in March and April.
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Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda appeared on a YouTube Q&A session at a recent music trade show to take some fan questions and discuss the band's upcoming seventh album, due out later this year. Speaking about the new disc, Shinoda said, "New Linkin Park is on the way. We are wrapping it up. I can’t tell you when yet. That’s a little bit of a surprise but not too long . . . I can’t tell you what it sounds like. I can tell you you’re going to be surprised. You gotta expect the unexpected. Don’t expect what you’ve heard before."

  • After mentioning that he's gotten back to the gym after working 50-hour weeks in the studio, Shinoda continued, "All the making of the album, and the teasers and all that stuff, it’ll happen when it happens. It could happen tomorrow, it could happen in a week, it could happen in three weeks. You never know. We’re working on the art. We’re working on everything that goes with it."
  • Shinoda also hinted that there might be some "featured artists" on the new CD, adding that the band also worked with "other people" during the writing process. But he added, "It’s still us. It’s self-produced . It’s all us, curated by us at the very least. It’s a Linkin Park record."
  • No release date has been confirmed yet for the new disc, which will follow up 2014's The Hunting Party.
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Soundgarden has set March 10th as the release date for a remixed deluxe version of the band's 1988 full-length debut album, Ultramega OK. This expanded version of the record is described as a "correction" of the original mix, which the band was never satisfied with. Guitarist Kim Thayil told us that the band wanted legendary Seattle producer Jack Endino to remix it almost immediately after it first came out: "We were never happy with the mix, and from day one, the band, the record label -- which was Greg Ginn at SST -- and Jack Endino all said, 'Yeah, let's do this. Let's remix it.'"

Although Soundgarden initially intended to remix the disc shortly after its original release, the group signed a major deal with A&M Records and started work on its next album, 1989's Louder Than Love, abandoning plans to revise Ultramega OK at the time.

  • Soundgarden reacquired the master tapes of Ultramega OK, which was out of print for years, in 2016.
  • The band then recruited Endino to finally remix the disc, with guitarist Kim Thayil working in the studio with him.
  • In addition to the remixed original album, the new edition of Ultramega OK will come with six early versions of songs that wound up on the disc. The tracks were recorded in 1987 in Seattle and mixed by Endino last year. All the songs ended up also being recorded for Ultramega OK.
  • Since reuniting in 2010 following a 13-year hiatus, Soundgarden has embarked on an extensive restoration of its catalog, including deluxe archival versions of the classic albums Badmotorfinger and Superunknown, along with a three-disc collection of rarities, B-sides and previously unreleased tracks called Echo Of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across The Path.
  • Soundgarden has a number of live shows lined up for later this year and is going to record its seventh studio album.
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