Kings Of Leon have confirmed that they will release their seventh studio album, titled Walls, on October 14th. The disc is the band's first in three years and followed an intense period of soul-searching after the lukewarm response to 2013's Mechanical Bull. Frontman Caleb Followill told Billboard in a new interview, "There comes a point when you realize you’ve lost that passion and that hunger. You’re chastened and want to get it back -- and in order to get it back it’s like, ‘Forget about record sales, forget about the size ​of the venue you’re playing, forget about any of that stuff.'"

The band shook up its routine on the new disc, parting ways with longtime producer Angelo Petraglia and recruiting Markus Dravs, whose resume included albums by Arcade Fire, Coldplay and Mumford And Sons. Bassist Jared Followill said that Dravs was a breath of fresh air, explaining, "He just said things that nobody had ever said to us. Like, ‘I don’t like that song, that’s not good, we can move on from that . . . He’d be like, ‘OK, now play it like the Sex Pistols. And then you’ve turned a slow song into a fast one."

  • The band -- three brothers and a cousin -- also said that the recent break was good for all four members and allowed them to spend time with their families and each other in a non-musical setting. Caleb said, "We definitely have a better, stronger ­relationship ­outside of music than we did in the past."
  • Jared Followill told us a while back that relations between him, Caleb, their brother Nathan and their cousin Matthew haven't always been rosy: "It's hard for me to compare it to anything 'cause it's the only thing I've ever known. It's the only job I've ever had and it's the only band I've ever been in. And so, like, for me, I can say we fight a lot and, you know, we kind of hate each other on and off all the time, but I don't know if that's because we're brothers or that's because we're in a band."
  • Caleb admitted that some of the songs on Walls deal with very personal subject matter, such as "Over," which touches on the addiction problems that led him to walk off a tour in 2011. He revealed, "That song is very personal, and to the people involved who know what that song’s about, it’s like ‘Holy s**t.' But if you look back on stuff that’s happened years ago, if it still means something you should write about it."
  • Kings Of Leon have yet to announce an official single or touring plans for Walls.
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Sixx: A.M. has released a new lyric video for "Prayers For The Damned," the title track from the band's latest album. The disc, the first volume of a two-record set, was issued last April. The second is slated to arrive this fall from the group, which revolves around Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx, ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist DJ Ashba and vocalist James Michael.

Sixx told us that the trio are open to everything when they sit down to write a song: "We're just open to creativity. We sit in a circle. 'Yes' is always the answer. So if James goes, 'I got this idea,' we say, 'OK,' and it doesn't matter what it is. He sits down at the piano, he picks up a guitar, he says, 'Let me have your bass...' DJ goes, 'Hey, I wrote this riff.' 'Um, OK.' If it's good, we'll keep pushing until it's great."

  • Prayers For The Damned follows up 2014's Modern Vintage. The first single, "Rise," reached Number Three on the rock radio chart.
  • Sixx: A.M. was founded by Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx and also features ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist DJ Ashba along with vocalist James Michael.
  • The second leg of the Sixx: A.M. world tour will kick off with a Canadian run this September followed by a stop in Japan and a massive year-ending U.S. tour with Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown, starting in October.
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Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor revealed in a new interview with Alternative Press that the masked shock-rockers almost decided to split up after releasing their first major label album as a way of screwing over the music industry. Taylor explained, "That was one of those ideas that I was so in love with because it was such a 'f**k you' to the industry. Just to pull a total Sex Pistols and make one monstrously f**king destructive album then just be like, ‘No, that’s all you f**king get, f**k you.'"

  • Taylor added, "I even told some friends ‘Yeah dude, we’re gonna break up,’ and they were like ‘What the hell are you talking about?’ They just thought we were f**king crazy. But then of course, the outside influences started to weigh in and went 'Well…maybe you shouldn’t break up.'"
  • Slipknot went on to make its second major label album, the classic Iowa, which celebrates the 15th anniversary of its release on Sunday (August 28th).
  • Taylor recently hinted that the band could perform a one-off anniversary show to celebrate one of their albums, but didn't confirm whether it would be for Iowa.
  • Slipknot's current North American tour comes to a close this Saturday (August 27th) in Austin, Texas. Next month the band will co-headline, with Black Sabbath, the massive Ozzfest Meets Knotfest event on September 24th and 25th in San Bernardino, California.
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Frances Bean Cobain's estranged husband, Isaiah Silva, is requesting $25,000 per month in spousal support from Cobain, who is worth an estimated $100 million. According to E! News, Silva's court documents give a detailed list of Silva’s monthly expenses. They include $4,500 for rent, $200 for clothes, and $3,333 on private schooling for his child from a previous relationship. He and Cobain have no children together.

Silva also stated that his monetary income from his band, The Eeries, has "changed significantly" as a result of his divorce proceedings. He stated in his documents, "Due to break up of marriage and incidents of violence and harassment against me I have been unable to tour and record music."

  • Silva claims that because he and Cobain did not have a prenuptial agreement, he is entitled to half of her assets earned during their marriage.
  • Frances filed for divorce after being married for just 21 months to Silva. They were married on June 29th, 2014.
  • Frances has reportedly indicated that she is willing to pay spousal support to Silva, but that he has no claim on the estate of her late father, Nirvana's Kurt Cobain, to which she is the sole heir.
  • Frances and Silva were together for five years, although Frances never publicly acknowledged that they got married. Her mother, Courtney Love, was not even aware the marriage was happening at the time.
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Of Mice And Men frontman Austin Carlile suffered a collapsed lung during the band’s set in Denver earlier this month but still finished the show, according to Rolling Stone. Carlile told the magazine, "I couldn't breathe right and I was gasping. I managed to do the rest of the show. Then the medics came and gave me oxygen and the lung somehow kind of naturally re-inflated."

The lung collapse is the latest in a long series of medical issues that have plagued Carlile since he was a teenager. When he was 17, Carlile was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, which affects his connective tissue and causes weakness in his heart, lungs, ears, joints and muscles. Carlile revealed, "I have so much arthritis from this condition I'm in chronic pain from my wrists to my elbow. My spine and back hurts, my ribs hurt and my legs cramp up at night."

  • Carlile has had surgery on his ears, hip, heart, head and feet over the years, with operations last year on his ribs and skull forcing him to cancel a series of tour dates and undergo months of therapy.
  • Even with his ailments, Carlile decided to quit prescription drugs last January while recording the band's new album. He said that getting off his daily mix of OxyContin, Ritalin and antidepressants was a painful experience: "In January, I stopped taking all that and the next three months of my life, which was when we were in the studio, those were the worst months. You know, I would be throwing up over the toilet in the middle of the night or shaking in my bed and waking up, like, moaning and screaming, and you know, it was rough. I did physical therapy like four times a week, all while I was coming off the stuff for the first time in 10 years." in Austin and will play several festival dates before heading over to Europe for a fall trek.
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A new series from Dynamite Entertainment is reintroducing the classic rockers Kiss to comic books again this October. For almost as long as Kiss has been churning out music, they've been popping up in comic books.

Marvel debuted Kiss in Howard the Duck No. 12 in 1977. Series from Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing and Archie Comics have made them a comic mainstay for almost four decades.

  • The new series, titled KISS, will focus, as the title indicates, almost exclusively on the band itself. Frontman Gene Simmons tells The Hollywood Reporter: "I fly through the air at 8 feet per second Yes, I spit fire. And yes, I wear bat wings and dragon boots. Don’t be jealous."
  • He adds that the writer/artist team behind the series, Amy Chu and Kewber Baal, are a "dream…. It's not just because they're both talented, but because they understand and respect the mythology of Kiss. From the outset, we started the band with four separate and distinct personas, each with his own tone, each with his own cross to bear – not always getting along together, but connected in a way none of them realizes."
  • Simmons said the premise of putting a group of people grappling with separate forces and ideas they don't understand reflects the band's actual beginnings: "We were completely delusional and inexperienced and really had no idea what we were doing, except for one magical thought: Let's put together the band we never saw on stage."
  • KISS launches digitally and in comic book stores in October. It is available for pre-order.
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Led Zeppelin's previously unreleased "Sunshine Woman" is now available. The band has released the only version of the lost track, in advance of its release on the forthcoming The Complete BBC Sessions.

It was previously only available via bootlegs. Jimmy Page, who managed the expanded reissue of 1997's double-platinum BBC Sessions has acknowledged fidelity issues: "There's no point pretending it wasn't recorded off the radio."

  • The Complete BBC Sessions is set to drop September 16th and includes Zeppelin live recordings made by BBC between 1969-1971. Other unearthed songs include different takes on "Dazed and Confused," "I Can't Quit You Baby" and "You Shook Me."

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